4th Annual High Performance Computing Day at Lehigh

Friday, April 03, 2009

All Events at the Rauch Business Center (RBC), Lehigh University. Get directions.

  • Come learn how to program Shared Memory Computers using OpenMP and MATLAB.
  • Come learn about the ultra-large scale computing problems of Climate Modeling.
  • Come make recommendations to improve the ways Lehigh's HPC resources can be used across different academic and research domains.
Time Event Location
8:30am-12pmPittsburgh Supercomputing Center Workshop RBC 51
12pm-1:10pm Lunch RBC 292
1:10pm-2:15pm Keynote Speaker: Richard Loft RBC 85
2:30pm-4:45pm HPC at Lehigh: Afternoon Sessions RBC 85

-- Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center Workshop --

The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center will provide an overview of parallel computing and present the most common methods of progamming these types of machines, in particular MPI and OpenMP. For the MATLAB user community, there will be a special emphasis on StarP and parallel MATLAB. Attendees will be able to put these skills to immediate use on local platforms, or on the large NSF-funded platforms whose availability will be described.

Introduction to Using Shared Memory Programming Tools at Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
8:30am-12pm, RBC 51

Prerequisite for morning technical session requires a basic, introductory knowledge MATLAB (or some other mathematical modeling product) and of either C or Fortran language programming in a Unix environment.

-- Keynote Address --


Richard Loft Dr. Richard Loft
Director of Technology Development, Office of the Computational and Information Systems Laboratory (CISL)
National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)

Recent Advancements Implementing High Resolution Earth Systems Models on Massively Parallel Computers
1:10pm - 2:20pm, RBC 85

-- High Performance Computing at Lehigh --

High Performance Computing at Lehigh
2:30pm - 4:45pm, RBC 85

Afternoon presentations by Faculty on how they incorporate HPC facilities at Lehigh into their research.


There is no cost to attend but registration is requested for planning purposes.
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