High Performance Computing Day at Lehigh

- April 21, 2006 -

Are you wondering what "high performance computing" is all about?

Do you have difficult computational problems you'd like to solve?

Would you like to take advantage of Lehigh's advanced scientific computing facilities?

Lehigh's first High Performance Computing day will provide an introduction to the advanced computing facilities available to all faculty, staff, and students at Lehigh. An introductory workshop in the morning will be followed by a keynote address and an overview of what Lehigh faculty are doing with scientific computing TODAY. Sign up to attend ALL or PART(s) of the day. The schedule and details are listed below:

Getting Started with High Performance Computing
Rauch 51
Lunch will be provided
Rauch 292
Keynote Speaker - Miron Livny (see details below)
Rauch 85
Overview of Lehigh Faculty Research
Rauch 85


- Getting Started with High Performance Computing (HPC) -

Part1: (9am-10:30am) - HPC Systems Overview, Access and Use

Part 2: (10:30am-12pm) - Parallelization Overview & Programming Tools Demo

  - Keynote Speaker -

Miron Livny

Democratization of Computing - Opportunities and Responsibilities

- Faculty Research Presentations-

Ian Laurenzi (Chemical Engineering) 

(2:30-2:55pm) - "Applications of HPC in Genomics and Computational Biology"

Bruce Dodson (Mathematics)

(3:00-3:25pm) - "Subexponential Cryptographic Computations:

Not your grandfather's factoring method"

Jeff Linderoth (Industrial Engineering)

(3:30-3:55pm) - "Grid Computing and the Football Pool Problem"

Joan Ramage (Earth and Environmental Sciences)

(4:00-4:25pm) -  "Remote Sensing and Geospatial Data"

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You may join us for ALL or PART of the day

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There is No need to register if you were planning to attend ONLY the sessions AFTER lunch


Organized by the Lehigh University High Performance Steering Committee

Sponsored by Library and Technology Services